Ozone Therapy – Well Being

Introducing Medical Ozone Therapy to Human Body

Medical Ozone Detoxification Therapy

Ozone Therapy plays vital roles in maintaining your well-being. Oxygen, along with food, is the primary nutrient that cells use to generate energy. With oxygen therapy, the energy production is through oxidation of the unhealthy cells. The burn is incomplete without the main fuel, oxygen.

While ageing we fill up with toxins and other by-products, we lack the ability to create energy to burn up the waste from the oxygen and foodstuffs. We must absorb the nutrients and utilize the oxygen for proper performance. We revert to lower function levels when lacking in oxygen. At this level, it also causes the breakdown of cell tissues, sickness and other related conditions. Insufficient oxygen also causes subnormal temperatures. The abundance of oxygen creates better wellness.

Ozone can distinguish between friend and foe and attacks only invading pathogens and damaged or infected cells. Ozone will attack microbe that have no enzyme coating, as well as diseased cells with deficient cell wall enzymes. Medical ozone therapy is one of the most effective ways of restoring optimal levels of oxygen. Its actions have beneficial effects on every part of the human makeup.

Oxygen regulates all our activities. Our ability to think, feel and act comes from the energy created by the oxygen. Approximately 90 percent of our energy originates from it. Oxygen is our most vital element for our well-being. Medical ozone therapy or oxygen therapy can add higher levels of oxygen to the working environment, raise energy levels, raise the immune system and increase your general vitality.